Main Laboratory


The Vehicle Test Structure (VTS) is a test bench equipped with a servo-hydraulic system capable of applying precise computer-controlled forces.

  • Used for structural validation, anchorages pull tests and door and roof crush resistance
  • Ten 20,000 lb hydraulic cylinders
  • One 60,000 lb hydraulic cylinder


The pendulum is used to simulate low-speed impacts, for example, front and rear bumper tests.

  • It can be loaded up to 2700 kg / 5953lbs
  • Height can be adjusted
  • Speed: 0–10km/h (0–6.2 mph)


The Chassis Dynamometer built into the floor, this double roller dynamometer has the following specifications:

  • Vehicle axle weight: 22,500 lbs maximum
  • Maximum Hp: 50 Hp @ 50 mph
  • Roller axial spacing: 17.25 in
  • Roller diameter: 8.650 ± 0.002 in

Machine Shop

Located in the main laboratory, the machine shop is equipped with milling machines, lathes, drilling machines, a grinding machine, a bending machine, presses, as well as a section reserved for welding. The shop can be used for our clients’ repairs, modifications, replacements, or to manufacture custom parts.

Instrumentation and Equipment

Our large inventory of equipment and instrumentation can be used for a variety of tests. It includes:

  • ADAS
    • Euro NCAP Vehicle Target (EVT)
    • Strikable Surrogate Vehicle (SSV)
    • 3D target vehicle
    • Guided soft target
    • Soft pedestrian target system (SP-6030) (both adult and child size)
  • Inertial and GPS navigation systems and data loggers:
    • Oxford RT3002 and RT4002
    • Racelogic Inertial Measurement Unit
    • VBox 3i
  • Robotic driving systems
    • Brake and accelerator robots (CBAR)
    • Automated steering controller (ASC)
  • Data acquisition systems:
    • Dewetron Dewe2-A4
    • Astro-Med Dash-18x
    • Fluke 2686A
  • Scales
    • Four plate scale (up to 20,000 lbs)
    • Heavy vehicle scale (up to 90,000 lbs)
  • Crash Lab

  • Environmental Chambers

  • Tracks