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Our Social Commitment


Our personnel participate in various social activities held throughout the year. Proceeds from these events are donated to different causes including the Canadian Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

Our commitment to future generations

We are protective of our environment. In addition to complying with all environmental laws we incorporate environmental considerations in all of our programs.

Our commitment to environmental protection is centered on three principal areas

  • Energy management and the protection of natural resources;
  • Waste management and recycling; and
  • Corporate improvement plan.

Energy management and the protection of natural resources

Over the years we have instituted a number of programmes to save energy and preserve resources including:

  • We recycle heated air from the heat exchangers to heat the interior of buildings;
  • The lighting system has been replaced with high efficiency lighting; and
  • A reservoir was constructed to accumulate rain water for use in the brake test area.

Waste management and recycling

Our waste management and recycling programme has been in place since 1996.

Today, the majority of our waste is recycled including:

  • paper, carton, aluminium steel and plastic;
  • fluorescents lighting tubes containing mercury; and
  • oil containers and oil filters.

Corporate Improvement Plan for Environmental Protection

PMG has a corporate plan in place that relies on the participation all staff. The protocol encourages personnel to continuously seek and put forward recommendations for new technologies and more environmentally friendly approaches.

Environmental risk is managed through the continuous re-evaluation of individual and collective work practices and a commitment to finding alternatives that are less harmful to the environment.

Clients are respectfully requested to abide by our environmental guidelines.

We have in the past instituted the following actions:

  • Use of CFC- free refrigerants;
  • Use of bio-degradable cleaning products;
  • Use of bio-diesel for fleet vehicles;
  • Inspection of all vehicles entering the site.

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