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During the Second World War, the site was owned by the Department of National Defense and used to produce and store munitions.

In 1977 the site, encompassing 545 hectares was decontaminated and acquired by the Federal Department of Transport. The Motor Vehicle Test Center (MVTC) was established by Transport Canada.

In 1996, PMG Technologies was awarded a contract to manage the MVTC and conduct testing for Transport Canada and private industry.

1996-2006 Increasing accuracy, efficiency and test capacity

For the first 10 years we assisted Transport Canada in establishing a world class center of excellence in Canada.

  • As a committed and highly motivated team of professionals we continue to strive to:
  • Advance the knowledge, skills and efficiency of our personnel through team building, coaching and training.
  • Developing detailed laboratory test procedures for the accurate and efficient performance of Canadian and American automotive regulatory tests, while referencing international standard test protocols defined by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and the Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Acquire advanced anthropomorphic dummy and sensing technology skills through participation in dummy development working group activities.

By 2006 we had tripled our test volume and increased our testing capacity five fold and introduced comprehensive safety measures.

We continue to gain knowledge and expertise, in our quest for increasingly innovative solutions that continuously push the limit of existing technology providing our clients with results that surpass their expectations

We strive to obtain accurate, repeatable and reliable measurements through the:

  • Development of clearly documented laboratory test procedures.
  • Development of strict quality control measures.
  • Establishment of automated report generation to assure accurate and expeditious results.

Major improvements to the facility were completed as a result of investments by Transport Canada to improve capacity and the repeatability of results. These improvements included upgrades to the:

  • Control of the propulsion system in the crash laboratory
  • Environmental chambers through the introduction of CFC-free refrigerants

The improvements also included the acquisition of

  • An instrumented load cell;
  • Two new prototype WorldSID dummies;
  • A servo-controlled acceleration sled;
  • An automated steering controller;
  • Specialized high intensity lighting for the crash area.

2006, the present and the future: Offering our clients a world class test and research facility

In accordance with our strategic business plan we continue to strive to provide our local and international clients with reliable value added research and compliance test services

In 2009, the Federal Government launched an initiative to stimulate the economy and create jobs by investing almost 15 million dollars in the modernization of the MVTC.

The modernization initiative which was completed in 2011 included the:

  • Replacement and expansion of the crash lab to include moving car-to- moving car capability.
  • Construction of a pedestrian laboratory.

Other improvements included:

  • A complete overhaul of the control system for the vehicle test structure (VTS).
  • The introduction of a fully automated control unit for the environmental chambers.
  • The upgrade of the data acquisition and instrumentation used for dynamic testing.

To date, Transport Canada has invested upwards of 50 million dollars in the MVTC as evidence of its commitment to improving road safety.

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