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Industrial Applications

In addition to automotive testing we also design test programs and conduct testing to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of industrial equipment.

PMG's dedicated instrumentation specialists can offer accurate and reliable measurements for a wide range of industrial applications.

For example PMG can

  • Recommend the best transducers for an application and carry out an installation that will ensure optimal data capture.
  • Provide on-site instrumentation and measurement services.
  • Design and fabricate load cells for custom applications.

Sample industrial projects conducted by PMG include:

  • The design of a test apparatus that is easily and quickly installed, to simulate the effects of aircraft wings striking airport light standards.
  • The development of a methodology to measure thermal stress test on canoes subjected to temperature changes in the environmental chamber.
  • The development of a methodology to measure stress on Hydro-electric turbine.
  • The design and fabrication of a high voltage circuit breaker analyzer.
  • The development of a methodology to measure vibrations on paper mill equipment.
  • The evaluation of ambulance stretcher lift aids.
  • The conduct of audits for the Bureau des Normes du Québec (BNQ).

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