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Crash Test

To assist you with crashworthiness evaluations and crash reconstructions, PMG Technologies, recognized internationally as leading experts in crash testing and dummy evaluation can provide you with accurate, reliable and prompt results.

Our on-going participation and contributions to numerous international research working groups in support of Transport Canada's innovative crashworthiness programs, allows us to offer our clients the most up-to-date expert knowledge of current and future crashworthiness trends.

PMG's in-depth knowledge of the crash laboratory accrued over 15 years of test experience combined with our involvement in the recent design and management of the modernization offers clients a distinct advantage in the design of test configurations that are sure to produce unmatched video quality and accurate and reliable results.

Static Airbag Deployment

Our expertise, particularly as it pertains to dummy positioning, measurement accuracy and unmatched, high speed video recordings has proved extremely valuable for clients interested in evaluating airbag interactions with occupants and aftermarket vehicle accessories.

PMG's experience in conducting static airbag deployments began in the 90's when frontal airbags were causing severe and fatal injuries to small occupants and children in the U.S. Canada. The successful static airbag test program carried out for Transport Canada led to our testing support of the Side Airbag Out-of-Position test protocol led by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Child Restraint Testing

Transport Canada has recently selected PMG Technologies to be the only Canadian lab to exclusively conduct the Federal child restraint compliance test program. PMG is therefore, ideally positioned to provide clients with the assurance that their certification tests will be completed in accordance with the regulatory requirements and with a sufficient margin of safety to support their product decisions.

Our priority is to provide accurate, reliable test services that are timely and conducted with the utmost confidence.

PMG has over 10 years of experience in successfully conducting all child occupant protection research for Transport Canada.

Roadway Structure Evaluations

PMG conducts impact testing of roadway structures to evaluate compliance to NCHRP 350. Tests are carried out with vehicles weighing between 820 and 36 000 kg that impact:

  • Longitudinal barriers;
  • Structural support members;
  • Energy absorbing barriers;
  • Break away poles.

Sample Crash Configurations


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