Monday, 22nd October 2018
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Main Laboratory

The main laboratory houses three principal test systems designed to conduct compliance, research and/ or developmental evaluations. This is also the area where test vehicles are prepared and instrumented prior to undergoing testing.

  1. The Vehicle Test Structure (VTS) is a servo-hydraulic system that applies large, computer controlled forces to the test vehicles or components so that structural resistance may be measured. The system was recently upgraded with an MTS, Flex 100 controller, for greater reliability.
  2. The pendulum can apply accurate loads at low speeds and variable impact target heights
  3. Clayton CTE-50 Emission Chassis Dynamometer built into the floor.

Trained and experienced mechanical and electrical technicians prepare vehicles by removing requisite components and installing the instrumentation. Protecting the integrity of the mechanical and electrical design intent is a top priority.

Dimensions : 200' x 100' x 24' (61 m x 30,5 m x 7,3 m)

General view of main laboratory

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