Monday, 22nd October 2018
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Crash Laboratory

The newly modernized laboratory encompasses 5 500 m2 (59,000 ft2) and offers a wide range of crash configurations. The new track and guidance system ensure unequalled accuracy and repeatability of test velocities and impact point.

PMG has the capability and expert knowledge to conduct all Canadian, U.S. European regulatory / compliance crash tests for frontal, side and rear impact protection.

The new test track design, which is currently unique in North America, allows for highly accurate and repeatable:

  • Moving car-to-moving car frontal collisions at varying offsets.
  • Perpendicular and oblique side impact tests.
  • High speed rear impact tests with rigid or deformable barriers or bullet vehicles.
  • Dynamic rollover tests.

The crash laboratory is equipped with a Seattle Safety servo-controlled acceleration sled capable of simulating both positive and negative accelerations. High intensity lighting and state-of-the art high speed cameras offer the ultimate tool for kinematic analysis of occupants, child restraints and vehicle components.

A full suite of advanced technology crash test dummies combined with dedicated dummy technicians offer accurate and comprehensive crashworthiness evaluations for compliance, developmental or research applications.

Impact-LabLayout of the crash laboratory and related work spaces.

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